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Preview of FIRST-DAY Breakout Sessions at 2022 Int’l Conference on Education and Justice


September 21, 2022

Preview of FIRST-DAY Breakout Sessions at 2022 Int’l Conference on Education and Justice

An update from this conference that may be of interest to readers.

Friends — I’m excited to share a preview (see below) of the breakout sessions on the first day, Thursday 10/6, of the upcoming online 12th International Conference on Education and Justice:

A.1. Interactive Workshop on Engaging and Adapting the “EDJE Framework for Assessment and Transformation” in Higher Education

A.2. Interactive Workshop on Understanding and Supporting Black Educational Leadership in K-12 Education
1.1. Collective Writing: The Continuous Struggle for Meaning-Making (Symposium)

1.2. Scholar Collectives Impacting Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • The AsianCrit Collective: Creating, Sustaining, and Moving Towards Liberatory Futures
  • Collective Scholarship in the Engagement of Sociopolitical Consciousness
  • Culturally Responsive Educational Practices in Hawaiʻi: Talking Story with Sustainability and Resilience GCERT Faculty and Students

1.3. Student Teachers and Teacher Educators

  • Creating Collective Commitment: Instantiating Social Justice, Inclusivity, Democracy, and Equity (InSIDE) in Teacher Education Practices
  • Cultural Humility at the Nexus of Race and Culture: Teacher Candidates’ Reflections and their Field Placement Sites
  • Developing Socially Just and Culturally Responsive Teacher Candidates: Findings and Recommendations for Researchers, Teacher Educators, and Scholars
  • More Space and Less Room: Justice-Oriented Practices in Social Studies Teacher Education
  • The Wai and Hau of Social Justice in Teacher Education

2.1. The Politics, Tensions, and Possibilities of Collective Research Methods

  • Duoethnography as an Educational Practice: Promoting Critical Self-Reflection, Constructive Criticism, and Collective Consciousness
  • Blurred Lines: System Data, Public Narrative, Ownership, and Service
  • Collective Praxis & Radical Dreaming: Aligning Our Epistemological, Axiological, and Methodological Commitments

2.2. A Showcase of Podcasts (First of Two Sessions)

  • Black Gaze Podcast
  • BustED Pencils Podcast and Radio
  • Classroom Caffeine Podcast
  • Education for Sustainable Democracy Podcast
  • Sanchez Scholars Podcast
  • UnLeading Podcast

2.3. Asian American Education Scholars Speak Truth to U.S. Empire (Symposium)

To view the full schedule and to register, visit here.


Kevin Kumashiro, Ph.D.

Movement building for equity and justice in education

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