Valorant Luna Bundle: Skins Release Date, Price

Valorant developer Riot Games releases a new skin bundle relatively frequently, as the company opts to release them alongside a majority of patch updates. The most recent skin bundle was Araxys, which became available a couple weeks ago when the new season started.

The Lunar New Year was on Jan. 22, and the Luna Bundle will be made to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. With players excited to try out the new gun skins, it is important for them to know when the Luna Bundle will be available in the shop and its price.

Even though there was a social engineering attack that delayed the release of new Valorant and League of Legends patches, the skin bundle should still release on time. Thererfore, the new Valorant Luna Bundle should release later this week on Jan. 26.

The Luna Bundle contains skins for the following weapons:

The new Valorant Luna Bundle will have a total of five skins, consisting of four guns and one melee weapon. Riot will also include two bunny gun buddies that players can add to their newly acquired gun skins. The price of the Luna bundle has not been released yet, but that information should be released within the next few days.

The Lunar New Year bundles over the past couple years ranged from 5,100 VP to 7,100 VP. So, it is safe to assume that the Luna Bundle pricing will be similar to these two.

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