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What is a carbon spring steel, and what are its properties?


The use of carbon has proven to be very beneficial for different kinds of industries. Factories all around the world are using carbon spring steel to manufacture their products. Why don’t we take a closer look at this subject, then, and discover what is so special about this particular type of material?

A few words about a spring steel

There is no such thing as a 1 type of spring steel. This name is used to describe the whole group of alloy steel materials that are used in production processes. Springs are made of them, obviously, but also saw blades, antennas, lock picks, washers and so on. The wide array of uses and applications for this metal composite make it very popular amongst engineers and manufacturers. 

The spring steel is very resilient with a high yield strength. Because of excellent elastic properties, it can be formed, shaped, and post heat treated in various ways. Many different elements can be produced from it with relatively easy and cost-effective methods. In addition, it has a durability rate that guaranties a long time of service. Such physical qualities allowed this material to become a general-use type of steel.

Carbon spring steel

Plainly speaking, carbon steel material is a spring steel with some amounts of carbon included in its composition. The content varies from approx. 0.05 up to 2.1 percent by weight. That gives us medium-carbon steel or high-carbon steel. Both with a very impressive yield strength. The high-carbon spring steel is harder, though, less bendable, and has a higher degree of spring back. This is the reason why it has many uses in the mining industry, for example, where rock-milling machines are at work. Also, chisel producers use this kind of material, high strength wire manufacturers, shipyards… Everyone who has a need for a material that’s tough and properly elastic at the same time.

Amongst the carbon steel grades there are AISI 1075, 1.1248, XC75 and C75S for instance, which has low hardening capacity. It also has, except strength, a certain level of resistance to abrasion. It is used for low-loaded springs, clock springs, saws for cutting stones in the form of tapes and sheets. Therefore, depending on physical requirements and designated uses of a carbon spring steel type, its microstructure and composition of elements must be very fine and precisely orchestrated, so to speak. If you are interested in details, definitely click here: https://virgamet.com/c75s-1-1248-ck75-c75-xc75-xc70-75cr1-aisi-1075-spring-steel.




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